Order Policies


Special Orders

If we are shipping your order, please also provide the shipping address in your order. If you do not wish to include your payment information in the order, we will contact you for payment information prior to shipping. No products will be shipped without secured payment information. Additionally, shipping and packaging costs will apply.

Orders typically ship on Wednesday. If you place an order on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of a particular week, it likely will not ship until the following Wednesday.

All retail specialty orders need to be placed on Thursdays in order to be available by the following Thursday after 3pm for pick up.

If applicable, please include weights and/or number of links in your product orders.  

All orders will need a credit card to confirm purchase.

If you have a special order that requires you to pick-up outside of our normal hours, we will try to accommodate walk-ins with at least 24 hours notice.


All Fresh Product will be shipped Frozen and must be shipped VIA FedEx Standard Overnight to maintain integrity and food safety.


For wholesale information, please contact the shop.